AML Compliance for the Future: A Primer

As technology becomes an ever larger part of our lives, the way we handle money is changing. For years now, FinTechs have been at the frontlines of this changing landscape, by providing customers with better, faster and more inclusive financial services. However this is not an isolated incident. Across every sector, agile, small and midsize companies (aka SMEs) are disrupting their industries by providing new, energizing customer experiences. It’s no great mystery why SMEs have become such a mas

Create a Content Strategy with This 6-Step Worksheet

Defining business goals and understanding your target audience are core components of a successful content strategy. In this post, we’ll help you cut through the weeds to create a strategy that produces great results. Content can be one of your organization’s strongest business assets. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 96% of the most successful B2B content marketers say their audience view their company as a trusted resource. In order to build audience trust, you need to provide us

On Growing up and Let's Go: Pokemon

I kept that wagon for a few more years. I knew that I had outgrown it but the wagon was mine and I loved it and I didn’t want to give it up. So when I eventually did, I wasn’t expecting to feel good about it. But I did. It was nice to think that some other kid would get to play with my beloved toy. It was very Toy Story 3. You might be wondering why I just regaled you with a story about a red wagon in an article about Pokemon but consider this, what happens if the wagon were the Pokemon series?

Blogging Better: 5 Tips for Surviving Writer's Block

Writer’s block is a frustrating inevitability of the blogging business. We write such a volume of content that at some point, you just hit a wall. The words don’t flow like they usually do or maybe you can’t even think of an idea. It happens to the best of us and there’s no shame in burn out. But to be a blogger, you have to learn how to dig yourself out of the trenches. Here are some tips to do just that...

Nicole's Top 10 Games of the Year

I broke down and wrote a list. 2017 was an incredible year of games. I enjoyed pretty much everything I played, so it was difficult as all hell to sit down and think about what are my favorite experiences of the year. Eventually, I had to ask a better question, what are the games that I think about a lot? What are the games that gave me benchmark experiences that I find myself measuring other games against? I had to go through more than two rounds of honing this list down, so there are a lot of great games that didn't make it. So here's my best list for games that came out in 2017 excluding re-releases and remakes.

Verdant Skies review (PC) - Social Sim with a side of Farming

In Verdant Skies you take on the role of a genderless protagonist who is recruited to create a space colony on the faraway planet Viridis Primus, as their resident farmer. Developer, Howling Moon Software takes the familiar formula of the farm sim but rather than focus on the farming, puts far more of a focus on the social sim side of things. Between good writing and some interesting farming mechanics, Verdant Skies is a joy to play but it’s, without a doubt, built for a narrow niche.

Golf Story Does Some Pretty Cool Things with Text

Golf Story manipulates text and text bubbles in ways that end up communicating emotion with a specificity that most games cannot boast. In Golf Story, text isn’t treated as though it is a static thing.  When characters are excited a text box could appear the size of the screen with only one word on it, or when they are unsure, the text box tilts slightly after appearing on the screen. In video games it’s actually not that common to see bold and italic font but, Golf Story makes tasteful usage of...

Five Games Worth Playing: If You're Interested in Queer Themes

Gone Home begins when you arrive at your family home June 7th, 1995 after a year abroad but, curiously, no one is home. Your mission is to find where everyone is and what happened in your absence. Gone Home is an incredibly short, pacifist game where gameplay consists of moving around the family home finding clues and eventually unraveling the mystery of what occurred there. Rather than relying on combat or puzzles, Gone Home invites your participation  in the form of exploration...